Did You Buy A Ticket or Purchase a Table for Dark Star '24, and still want to come party with us in New Orleans??
Then we've got an OFFER for you!

If you are owed a refund for Dark Star ’24 tickets or a table fee, this offer is for you!

Essential Ticket Offer

VIP Ticket Offer

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narrator offer

Author offer

Vendor offer

If you entered the contest (even if you never submitted a video), there’s an offer for you too! Click the button above to see your offer 😃

I'm Ready to Party! Sign Me Up!

If you are ready accept your offer to come party with us in NOLA, please fill in the appropriate form below.
You have until July 15th to accept this offer.

Note: You can also fill in this form to decline the offer, but if you do not fill it in, you will automatically receive a refund by Aug 2024.

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New to the Party?

If you didn’t buy tickets to the original convention, and you want to come join the party, c’mon down! We would love to have you!

You can purchase your hotel room through our room block, and reception tickets, entrance to narrator workshops or the author seminar in our shop.

This party has everything! This party has everything!

What's the Weekend Look Like?

Other than the Thursday Reception, the Narrator Workshops, Author Seminar and Bedtime Stories w/Troy…everything else is loose. We will help coordinate and facilitate some cool stuff…but think about this as a weekend vacation to New Orleans with friends…no tight agendas or timelines…just fun times.




Dark Star VIP


Dark Star VIP +


The Next Dark Star Competition is happening NOW!

Have you heard about The Next Dark Star competition?? Help us find the next great voices in audiobook narration.

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